Only 3 days?

Actually, I’m feeling pretty good about things. I finished my slide presentation yesterday and only need to make a decision about a handout today. I’m debating: a handout feels good to take home, but I don’t ever keep my handouts. To make matters more difficult, any material that I provide to take home is, in a word, perishable. One or two Edublogs updates and it’s all new! My slides are available (below!) and I’m going to emphasize the help function. Plus, the “Intro to Edublogs Manual” that Blogwalker put together is all I could ever create and more. I think I’ll call that my handout!

Here’s my presentation for Tuesday:

Late Note: for some reason, the Edublogs site is giving me fits on the night before the conference.  I’ve updated the slide presentation slightly but haven’t been able to upload it here.  So, I’ve posted it to my class wiki.  It can be found here.

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